visual artist


Inge Roseboom (1968)

Is an Amsterdam based visual artist. Her work ranges from small sculptures to full size installations. In the larger installations she deliberately invites the viewer to make different interpretations. They are also invited to actively particiate in the work (i.e. shooting ceramic words in the 'shooting gallery', drinking vodka with the artists in Bar Raketa or look at a shopping square in the work PRIMA). By participating the viewer becomes a part of the work and fully completes it.

A number of works result from a collaboration of Inge Roseboom and Mark Weemen under the name RoseboomWeemen, i.e. PRIMA, Schiet me, Schiet me, and Bar Raketa. For more information please visit the RoseboomWeemen website.

She also works as scenographer. Stilleben (dir. Kenneth Homstad) premiered in Nov. 2013 in Norway. With director Sanne van Rijn she staged a number of theatre performances: a.o. Spijt, Lachen-Huilen,, Faunabeheer, and ÜBER. Laten we flink zijn (Lets be firm) received the VSCD Mime Prize in 2000, Ik wil dat jij een Beer wordt! (Hey Presto! You're a Bear!) was nominated for the same prize in 2006.

All photo's on this site by Mark Weemen.